How to Eat Healthy On Sailing Adventures

Covert Castaway is an indepth podcast series about the realities and life lessons that come with boatlife. Run by Stephanie and Holley from SV Awen (an Outremer 52), they regularly chat with liveaboard sailors about everything wannabe sailors need to know, from what to do in the boat galley, to where the best places to lay anchor. It’s their fully uncut experience making the transition from landlubbers to be sailing liveaboard cruisers. Join them share what what they are learning as they make the lifestyle change.

In this episode, Stephanie and Holly interviews The Hunter & The Gatherer author, Catherine Lawson about staying healthy while you’re sailing a long way from civilisation. They talk about all sorts of things, from what to eat while sailing, awesome sailing recipes and everything you need to know about cooking on a yacht.

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