Catch and Cook – Fish Burgers

One of the joys of sailing is the opportunity to completely disconnect from the pace of modern life. Out on the water there are none of land’s distractions, so we can reconnect with the more sustainable ways of life that modernity has called irrelevant. Lee, Sara and their kids Taj and Bella know this all too well, having been living aboard their yacht Catalpa (now Catalpa II) since 2016, first sailing through Southeast Asia, and now the Mexican coast, south of California. You can follow their sailing adventures on YouTube.

In a recent episode, the family reeled in a decent sized snook, and, with enough fish to see them through a couple of meals, they turned to sailing cookbook, The Hunter & The Gatherer, for some inspiration. After cooking up some crumbed fillets for sushi the boat galley on Catalpa, Sara made some sourdough burger buns from scratch and then paired them perfectly with some Thai-spiced fish burgers. Check out the video below.

If this is the sort of food you’d love to eat while you’re sailing, check out The Hunter & The Gatherer: Cooking & Provisioning For Sailing Adventures. It’s available where all good books are sold (like here), or directly from our store. Add a copy of our best-selling camp cookbook, Fire To Fork, and you’ve got inspiration for meals on board and back on the beach for sundowners.

For every copy sold, one tree is planted. The average carbon footprint of The Hunter & The Gatherer is 5lb. For every tree planted, roughly 50lb of carbon is sucked from the atmosphere each year of its life. Find out more about how our books plant forests.

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